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Don’t waste any more time
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e have created, as we do with all our apps, an app that we were missing on cell phones. How many times have we had difficult time to know how to quickly get to the nearest parking? Using the GPS of the car or moped/motorbike… is often complicated and forbidden while driving. Same for GPS on phones. A hands-free solution would be ideal. This is what Park! gives you! Icing on the cake, you will get  even sometimes some public outdoor parking lots (in big cities which had been freed within 300 meter et from 1 minute).

Via Siri you can open the Park! app hands-free
(‘Hey Siri, open the park! app’) and it will guide you to the
nearest gas station using voice commands from
wherever you are. Ideal for all forms of motorized
transport (car, motorbike, moped, …).

Some essential functions:

Hands free

You won’t need to touch the iPhone (the passenger must click on Navigate to be directed)

100% Vocal

You can open the app via Siri by saying ‘Open Park app’ and then be guided quickly to the nearest station.

Regular updates

The app is regularly updated, don’t hesitate to share your suggestions with us.

As soon as it is opened hands-free, the app will search for parkings and will guide you with voice commands to the nearest one.
Display nearest stations

If the initial directions do not suit you then you can let the passenger select a different one.


Quick and free support (generally under 24 working hours).

Our team:

Here are some members of the VRDCI TEAM who have contributed to the success of Park!

Benoît Deguine

Contributed to the integration of the app.

Aurore Barthe
Commercial and PR manager

Contributed to the implementation of our international press relationship.

Nicolas Baudry
Developer / Integrator

Contributed to the initial structures common to all our apps.


Project initiator. Regularly searching his car. 😉

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